A downloadable mod for Windows, macOS, and Linux

NOTICE 1: The server for this mod has been taken down. It is possible to spin up your own server, but that is for advanced users only.

NOTICE 2: This mod won't work with the newest version of A Short Hike on Itch.io. The Steam version (via the betas tab) should still work right now. I'll update this once I've taken the time to fix it.

🎉 This is an unofficial mod that allows you to see other players (up to 99) as you explore Hawk Peak.

⏰ The multiplayer server will be up for a limited time - however, you can download and run your own server if you'd like.

Installation Instructions

1. You must own A Short Hike on Windows, Mac, or Linux and have the latest version installed to use this mod.

2. If you own the game on Steam, use the Betas tab to install the mod. The beta branch is called: "ashorthike99_mod"

3. If you own the game on Itch.io, GOG, or Epic, continue with the steps below.

4. Download the patch corresponding to your system and unzip it.

5. Locate the install location of A Short Hike. See this thread if you're having trouble finding it.

6. Copy the unzipped patch folder "A Short Hike_Data" and overwrite the corresponding install folder "A Short Hike_Data." This will overwrite the normal game files with the multiplayer patch versions. If you're on OSX, see this thread.

7. The patch is installed! To confirm this, you should see "multiplayer" show up in the options menu.

Running Your Own Server

1. Download and run the server executable. You can use the "-nographics" and "-batchmode" command line arguments to run the server in the background if you'd like.

2. Allow listening on port 7777.

3. In the patched version of A Short Hike, modify "AShortHike_Data\StreamingAssets\multiplayer.txt" to use your custom server address.


  • Will this become a fully-fledged mode in A Short Hike?
    • No, I don't plan on supporting this in the long run. This is just a fun experiment.
  • Do all players see the same island?
    • No, only the player state is synced. NPCs and items and everything else behave as if you're playing single player.
  • How do I uninstall the mod?
    • You can disable multiplayer in the options menu, but to fully uninstall it, you'll need to redownload A Short Hike and use the original files.
  • Will this mod lose / corrupt my save file?
    • No, installing / uninstalling this mod should not affect your save data.
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Patch Windows 18 MB
Version v3 Apr 05, 2022
Patch OSX 18 MB
Version v3 Apr 05, 2022
Patch Linux 19 MB
Version v3 Apr 05, 2022
Multiplayer Server Windows 31 MB
Multiplayer Server Linux 35 MB