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Man I would love 6 or 8 players support

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This game is interesting, the physics are pretty satisfying!

A very fun game! Thanks! :)

I'm really struggling to enable XBOX360 controllers on multiplayer, though. I bought 2 generic XBOX 360 controllers in order to play with my 3 year old son, but controllers are not being detected properly in-game.

One is able to navigate up and down on the main menu, but keyboard press is required to start, and controllers don't move firemen in-game. I've tried x360ce to emulate, and a number of things, but although these controllers work for other games, sadly not this one.

Any suggestions?

it's multiplayer local?



Cannot. Recommend. Enough. Stupid amounts of fun. Loved it.

here is a gameplay sample for u

its pure fun

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such a difficult game! Omg XD I saved maybe 2 babys at most...


excellent game! i like it though it's really hard for me...


Toda a vez que eu inicio o jogo ele crasha

falae br