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That was pretty fun! Can I ask you about the physics? The movement was very satisfying

Ideas for expansion would be a story about a dog who has to go out to sea to get some type of mystical medicine for their sick owner!

Or, if you want a more trick-based-gameplay, you can have an annual dog-surfing competition, and create like villain-like characters who you have to beat to fulfill your dreams.


Played it ! loved it ! included it in my dog video ! also I loved the sea sound ! it was actually relaxing ! and adding a cool dog surfer to the mix only made it better :D

thanks for playing :)

hell of a boost =P


It'd be cool to be able to change controls but still an awesome idea ! It reminds me of all those things you can do with unity... You're an inspiration :)

Thanks a lot for checking it out!

very nice

enjoyed. thanks for sharing.

how about competing longest or highest jump?

I was searching for another burger on the sea. but only found very first one.

Thanks! There's three burgers scattered around the islands. I think the original plan was that they would give you increased speed haha