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I'm unable to get it to run on M1 with OS 14

hello  Adam

I Hope you are well. We saw your Game, box that’ ss port, and we love it. For this reason, we would like to chat with you to introduce you to our platform Unboared. In fact, Unboared is a dedicated platform for local multiplayer games that use mobil phone as a controller and a tv or computer as a support. We really believe that your game perfectly matches our user profiles

If you are interested in more info, don’t hesitate to give us a return so that we can exchange by e-mail or video

See you soon i Hope 🤩

Aurore Defosse Unboared Team


I can´t play it. I tried keyboard and gamepad and neither one of them allowed me to control the players. I want to play this game!! It seems fun.

i don't want to use a gamepad


Nice game

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can you do a 32 bit version for windows?


can you compile a linux version?

Thank you!


Seconded! Cheers


Nothing better than playing my favorite sport.

Takes me back!

Love this game in all it's silliness, it's good fun 

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Very slick! GG

Hi, can I play alone against the CPU?


Yes but the AI isn't exactly going to play back

i cant play why

me nither i  cant play


Pretty cool but maybe you should add a pause menu and  other sports 

ya your rite