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I think this game is so neat and love the art style! If i may ask, was Photoshop or illustrator used? I would like to attempt a similar art style for an upcoming game.

This game was amazing! loved it, in fact, I did a let's play!

Channel link:

Forgot to add, here's the series I talked about in the beginning in-case anyone wanted to see:

Click here


The art style and gameplay of this game is so much fun! Would be really cool if more got added into this but the whole idea of you being a raccoon bandit and getting gold is such a clever idea~!

Also did a video on it and to learn how to be a wild west bandit!

Отличная весёлая игра! Енот - крутой парень!

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check the gameplay here

its damn fun

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looks cool and plays neat thanks

Se un Mapache y Roba un Tren!!

This game is amazing, are you going to keep working on it, I would love to see more maps, or even procedurally generated ones, or an online multiplayer so you can actually be sneaky.


Thanks! I've got a lot of other things going on right now, so there's no plans to continue development right now, but it could happen someday!

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Hey, i'd love to try this game out, but i use mac..... so that's a problem :P

I recently posted a vid of one of your other games, The Night That Speaks... here it is