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So cute! Great little game.

Great mechanic, and the references to Zelda reach an almost baffling point. XD Spoiler: even the crack in a wall! Although this one is subtler.

Super fun but also super hard TvT


Usually, a fight against multiple enemies gets easier the longer it goes - unless the game decides to randomly spawn even more enemies.
In this game, the fight may get harder, the more enemies you bubble! Great concept.


It doesn't seem to be loading? I waited 2 minutes after pressing p and it was black with the static noise the whole time. I'm on the windows downloaded version

Same here

Cute little game that I played on stream! It was a bit challenging but I still had fun! Its a bit short but it's good for either a short stream or a stream to play multiple games. 

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Just released my 2nd 3 Scary Games video, and this game is the 2nd game. Super fun, I really liked the character designs, sound effects, and enemies. The game seemed to have a little trouble starting up properly, but once I started playing it ran smoothly.

Anyways, here's the video (Spooky house is at 21:26): 

I would have fun more than I didn't die right away but this game to stop on my PC.

fun stuff

I found only 11 heart pieces. are there 12? if so could it be a bug if you collect them in the worng order?  Nice Game BTW.

could it be that the web version is not working properly? I'l check on chrome

It works on chrome, but not on mozilla.

Apparently this was already informed...

What a great game to play. Having playing Gameboy games when I was a child. It just brings back so many memories. Really like exploring and finding all the hearts.

Such a wonderful game with a great mechanic! Your enemies are "dead" until you safely clear the room, but they can still hurt you if you're not careful. While admittedly a little difficult for me, I never felt like the game was unfair or too fast.

Graphics were wonderful, I love the design of the main character. Would love to actually play this on my old gameboy if I could. Absolutely give it a play! Well made Adamgryu!

Helpful hint: there's large hearts scattered around, get enough and you get more health. The entrances to hidden areas though are a little tough to find, but there are some devious clues hidden about.

A cute little game, controls are fluid, the art style gorgeous, the humour so delighful. Nice!

Loved it!


So cute! I really enjoyed playing it!


nice game! <3


this was so fun to play! Admittedly, the last stage was pretty frustrating to go against x) And on my first restart, I tried rushing through the rooms and ended up bumping into every enemy in a domino effect haha. Amazing job!


Great game. Nice and nostalgic visuals and gameplay. Congrats!


great game. expand this into a full 40 hour experience and charge me whatever you want, baby.


This game is cool, it reminds me of the games i would play on my gameboy color.


Simple and fun. I love it.


Fun game, well done!


Z key doesn't seem to work at start? P works to start the game but then I can't save by pressing P

Hmm, not sure what the issue is. It takes a bit to load after pressing Z - did you give it enough time to load?

Also, it only saves after every death right now. If you want your file to be saved you need to die first - sorry! Although it's a very short game so you might not even need to save


Looks fun! Would love a mac build.



ditto! or Web