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Yup. It is what it says it is. I took all the text from A Short Hike and translated it into 6 random languages and then back to English. I did this individually for each string - so quality varies widely.

I was inspired by this mod I saw for Dark Souls that does the same thing, and I thought it would be a funny side project.

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Install instructions

You need to be running on A Short Hike version 1.7 or later to use this mod.

Once you've downloaded it, locate the A Short Hike installation folder, and place the file inside the folder named AShortHike_Data.

After that, launch the game and go to the options menu. The mod should appear in the languages menu.


LANG_PoorlyTranslated_v18.yarn_lines.csv 329 kB
OLD_LANG_PoorlyTranslated_v17.yarn_lines.csv 280 kB


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I updated the mod for the newly added lines in Version 1.8.




What's this?  A reason to replay the game?  I know what I'm doing tomorrow!


No joke, my sides are hurting from the conversations. My favorite so far is a kid saying, "I serve bullets" I makes no sense and I love it!


To make it work on macOS, you need to find the application "A Short Hike", right-click to "Show Package Contents", and then drop it on the "Contents" folder. This made it show up on the options.




This is amazing.