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Can you add a zip file for this? It seams fun but I made a mistake that I don't think can be fixed.


which one is the win version? im confused

Which languages did it go through? Some signs of  Italian and Polish seep through :)


Pretty good mod. I'd recommend it!


the smart side of me wants to play the game through, then replay it with the language mod. the fun side of me wants to wing it and just play it through first time with the lang mod. i am conflicted, but the fun side is wining


Let me know how it goes! Although it might be more enjoyable with the original dialogue (I hope so!)


it was really fun but i still have no idea what the plot was (did the mom get decapatated?), i really liked the extra challenge of having to figure out what everything meant tho

No there is no decapitation in A Short Hike! Glad it was still fun though, I hope you got some laughs out of it haha
Maybe it's worth giving it another run with the original dialogue tho! 

def will do, i rlly love the mechanics, super calming and fun


I updated the mod for the newly added lines in Version 1.8.




What's this?  A reason to replay the game?  I know what I'm doing tomorrow!


No joke, my sides are hurting from the conversations. My favorite so far is a kid saying, "I serve bullets" I makes no sense and I love it!


To make it work on macOS, you need to find the application "A Short Hike", right-click to "Show Package Contents", and then drop it on the "Contents" folder. This made it show up on the options.




This is amazing.