A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


You don't remember how you got to the graveyard, but you know you've been meaning to visit.


A short horror game with silly jumpscares by
Adam R. and Guy T.
Special thanks to Shane Z.
Made in 4 days, inspired by GBJam

If you have any feedback, please PM me at @adamgryu on Twitter.
Check out my website for more games... www.adamgryu.com
This was a side project from my main project, Pitfall Planet.

More information

Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tags3D, 8-bit, FPS, GBJam, Horror, Retro, Survival Horror

Install instructions

Just download the ZIP, unzip, and play!


TheNightThatSpeaks_Mac.zip (34 MB)
TheNightThatSpeaks_Windows.zip (33 MB)


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Is an excellent game, gave several scares in my friend (he could not finish the game kkkkkkj). Sorry for bad English, I'm Brazilian :P

Did a lets play on your game along with some cover art!

Никогда мне ещё не было так весело)))

Made a video of this great game here. :D


10/10 bruh

here is a gameplay video without any commentary

i dont generally play or like horror games, but this is something else

I played the game and I liked it, but there were times where it was very difficult to see. Also adding the mouse into the controls would help with movement and viewing. Overall It is a fun game and I look forward to playing it again. :D


This is my kind of horror; I really loved the game!!! I don't normally flip people off in real life, but this game has inspired me to change that. I flip everyone off now, and it feels amazing! 11/10.

Gave your game a go....



What an awesome little game! Loved the graphics style and the sound design was pretty damn good as well! Still chuckling about the "defense mechanism"... very true to life ;)

I assume this is how priests exorcise. The secret's out!

La mejor defensa es una OFENSA!?

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this game is suprisingly scary ! love this game !

feel free to watch my lets plays of this game

Y C : chill ice

Best way to take care of the ghosts rather than calling the Ghostbusters?

Just tell them "F**k yourself!"

Pretty damm scary and also funny. The Pixelated filter is really nice.

I spent ages trying to find that friggin key...

I just played this game and my thought was "what was going on in the developer's head?" Anyways this was awesome and you're a genius man! Check out my gameplay and oh turn on the subs :)

CREEPY jumpscares



Holy shit! Top score man, this was awesome!


awesome aethetic, can't wait to play!

Hi mate, I like the game, you said it was your first horror game , for how long have you been developing games? and how come in 4 days ? you already have all the assets ? sorry for so many questions ;)
your work is mind-bending !

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