A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


You don't remember how you got to the graveyard, but you know you've been meaning to visit.


A short horror game with silly jumpscares by
Adam R. and Guy T.
Special thanks to Shane Z.
Made in 4 days, inspired by GBJam

If you have any feedback, please PM me at @adamgryu on Twitter.
Check out my website for more games... www.adamgryu.com
This was a side project from my main project, Pitfall Planet.

Install instructions

Just download the ZIP, unzip, and play!


TheNightThatSpeaks_Mac.zip 34 MB
TheNightThatSpeaks_Windows.zip 33 MB


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Would you be able to update the mac versions to 64 bit?

Was a very interesting game to play, Loved the ending!

So no instructions but middle finger i found that funny Im like what do I so?!?!

genuinely a epic game


exert your will, more like fuck off ghoul.

Damn this scared the shit outta me.

creepy shit


Can this be flashed onto an actual Gameboy or is this exclusively for the computer?


ah yes the middle finger

just what a horror game needs

I jumped so bad at the first jumpscare that I litterally accidentally closed the game because I hit something that wasn't z. smh

update your game people

Very scary but funny

It's hard, scary, and well made. The resolution, filters are pleasant to the eye! Cool, unique, and I liked the 3D/2D aspect, visuals and the jumpscares.

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Which engine did you used(I mean it's great, so did you use unity with a custom shader or another engine? or did you making it from scratch with c++)

I think he used Unity with the GB Camera for Unity shader

Awesome game, like the idea to use middle finger as a weapon against ghosts)

I will play this game only for the middle finger thing lol

To be honest I've never had so much fun messing around with a game before, THIS WAS FUN!!

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L O V E D this! yall did awesome. I will continue to exert my will whereever I go.

I couldn't open it bcuz it said that it needed to be updated :(

Awesome but scared

traducion:legal mas assustado

Awesome game!

Great game. I laughed when I realized we were using our middle finger to banish ghosts.

imagine this on game boy



this looks really cool but the mac version needs to be updated to play

wow looks great

the game needs to be update the Mac version please 


i'm upset theres no version for linux:(

Ok this is actually really good, scared me and my friend. I loved the art style and think it added to the spook,in all I rate 10 middle fingers out of 10

epic, in a word.


Amazing art-concept, but i didn`t get the gameplay

I like the style of the game, cool & scary 馃憤馃憤馃憤



Awesome game! 10/10 would recommend

Your game really got us jumping from our seats haha. We had a lot of fun but it was a little frustrating as every time we failed we had to start from the very beginning. But all in all, great game and the scares got us good!

Gameplay starts at 9:02

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I really liked your game! I don't know if I was just being unlucky but those things really didn't want me to read that one note I needed to progress. xD
Here's the video from my playthrough if you feel like checking it out. :)

This game has to be one of my favorites, I was just searching the internet randomly for creepy old style horror games, and I bumped into this. Absolute bomb, a few things made me go into a shocked state (I don't think any other game has done this to me at all), but overall I think this is pretty scary on its own. Things are constantly after you that's all I'll say.


https://daveysleaze.itch.io/eyes-of-desperation-the-voyager  check out my little horror game if ya have 10 minutes spare shes a weird one hah


markiplier played this

Really liked this game, beautiful art and scary af.

My girlfriend is going through it next >:)

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