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A little late to the party, but this game was Good. I like the mystery and the humor

This game is pretty fun and I love the look of it. I found it to be quite challenging!

This was a really scary but charming game with fantastic sound and character design! The producers should be really proud! 



uh how do I open


I had loads of fun playing this game a little despite a few jumpscares, but overall awesome and silly. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY WILL POWER FINGER!!!! XD Anyways, here's my short video of it, even though I didn't finish it.

Awesome game! The atmosphere was fantastic. Great work!

We played this game while Joe swears a lot while Faith eats a salad :D (Was pretty spooky though!) - Faith&Joe

Fun stuff, neat visual style and some genuinely spooky moments. Nicely done!



A bit late to the party but oh well.

The game was really cool, the Gameboy-Esque stylization was fucking awesome! The idea of using your middle finger as a way to "exert your will" was absolutely brilliant. The only thing that bugged me (and is my own fault) is that it took so long for me to find the goddamn key for the door that I started going batshit insane. In the end, though, I had fun playing it and that's all that matters, cheers to a great game!



Absolutely awesome!Totally loved the defence mechanism and the whole pixel art style environment!

Best horor game made in 4 days


My Rating: 7.5/10

Is an excellent game, gave several scares in my friend (he could not finish the game kkkkkkj). Sorry for bad English, I'm Brazilian :P

Did a lets play on your game along with some cover art!

Никогда мне ещё не было так весело)))

Made a video of this great game here. :D

10/10 bruh

here is a gameplay video without any commentary

i dont generally play or like horror games, but this is something else

I played the game and I liked it, but there were times where it was very difficult to see. Also adding the mouse into the controls would help with movement and viewing. Overall It is a fun game and I look forward to playing it again. :D

This is my kind of horror; I really loved the game!!! I don't normally flip people off in real life, but this game has inspired me to change that. I flip everyone off now, and it feels amazing! 11/10.

Gave your game a go....


What an awesome little game! Loved the graphics style and the sound design was pretty damn good as well! Still chuckling about the "defense mechanism"... very true to life ;)

I assume this is how priests exorcise. The secret's out!

La mejor defensa es una OFENSA!?

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this game is suprisingly scary ! love this game !

feel free to watch my lets plays of this game

Y C : chill ice

Best way to take care of the ghosts rather than calling the Ghostbusters?

Just tell them "F**k yourself!"

Pretty damm scary and also funny. The Pixelated filter is really nice.

I spent ages trying to find that friggin key...

I just played this game and my thought was "what was going on in the developer's head?" Anyways this was awesome and you're a genius man! Check out my gameplay and oh turn on the subs :)

CREEPY jumpscares


Holy shit! Top score man, this was awesome!


awesome aethetic, can't wait to play!

Hi mate, I like the game, you said it was your first horror game , for how long have you been developing games? and how come in 4 days ? you already have all the assets ? sorry for so many questions ;)
your work is mind-bending !


This is the scariest game I've ever played! :D I really loved it for my channel, you can see my reactions here:

My hair was on end, I'm such a baby haha.



For some reason when i click download it won't work. Anybody know why?

That's strange, it still works for me. Maybe try downloading from a different internet browser?

I love your style, the gameplay experiences and art of this game is crisp and graceful!

Also, that middle finger concept is really fun.

By the way, what is the name of "pixel render" for unity you used?

I started off with this and modified it a bit:

Thanks for the comments!


i made a gameplay for

the game! its super terrifying...

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This game is awesome! Still trying to open that door! The nostalgia of the gameboy graphics made me want to record a video, this game scared me good!

I really, honestly love this game. Fantastic concept. Love the artwork as well. And the middle finger feature is ah-mazing. 11/10

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