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I really enjoy the style of this game. It's a classic retro feel, and it also goes to show that games don't need extremely detailed graphics to give you a little scare! This achieved just that with a very nice style. Overall, it's super fun, I'd def recommend it to folks who like thrills, even for those who are scary-cats! (Like me)


Monster: Exists.

Me: *Middle finger* 

Monster: I'm scared

I didn't think a game with this style would scare me. I was wrong! 


it's good spooky time!

Somebody put zombies in my Obra Dinn! 

Thank you for this game it is great. I was afraid and frightened but it was fun. i like the grafic style and you can see it is not important to make photorealistic grafic to make good games.

You must make more games like this they are really cool :) i gave this 5 stars

This game was very interesting it was scary but with a sense of humor to go along with it like going around and flipping off the monsters overall look and design  stands out alot so definitely 5/5 stars really did enjoy this one great job!

Soooo fuckin scary but funny af at same time i got goosebumps and lafter there omfg so guud!

Funny and cool twist on a horror game! I think the graphics worked wonders to make it a lot more intense, there were a lot of moments where I kind of panicked because I couldn't see ANYTHING in the distance. Overall a really awesome game!

Really fun and unique game! Interesting story and a fun twist to the normal horror game! 


It was fun adding humor to horror game. I could feel fear despite the bad graphics.

한줄평: 방송용으로 최고의 게임

i enjoyed this :D


Hello there! i hope you dont mind but i made a video on your game! i gotta say that i scared my socks off in this one, and the flipping finger thing was a funny factor of this game! and my bad i mmmiiggghhtttvvee accidentally stumbled upon that hidden room wayy too early in my video XD what luck amirite? 


So good.

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This game easily conveys my feelings towards jumpscares, but I had a lot of fun with it. The limited vision, pixel art, and color pallet definitely sets a Game Boy horror feel. On a site saturated over-saturated with overrated horror games, this one stands out. If you think it looks interesting, download it and play it.

why does it show to middle finger?

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Got demons, ghosts, or vampires!? Playing this game will show you the true way to get those baddies to FUCK off.

This game looks fun but :

1 - I can't see the title page, all I see is a black screen (the sound is working though)

2 - What does it mean by 'joystick'?

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A joystick is basically an old kind of controller with just one analog stick and a couple of buttons, per se. There are more advanced joysticks like the ones used for fighting games. It's aimed for singular movement.

This is the best thing I ever played, seriously, scary, funny, and kinda true! I might have to do more of this, feel free to check out my experience so far! ps love the atmosphere, overall love it!

I'm the only one bold (or crazy enough) to put the "holy symbol" in the thumbnail. It's literally the greatest idea for a horror game. Literally anyone who has played a horror game has given it the middle finger now you can do so in a game!  This guy has the best "force of will" XD I'm dying!

This game is so interesting! Here's a bit of my gameplay...

A little late to the party, but this game was Good. I like the mystery and the humor

This game is pretty fun and I love the look of it. I found it to be quite challenging!

This was a really scary but charming game with fantastic sound and character design! The producers should be really proud! 



uh how do I open


I had loads of fun playing this game a little despite a few jumpscares, but overall awesome and silly. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY WILL POWER FINGER!!!! XD Anyways, here's my short video of it, even though I didn't finish it.

Awesome game! The atmosphere was fantastic. Great work!

We played this game while Joe swears a lot while Faith eats a salad :D (Was pretty spooky though!) - Faith&Joe

Fun stuff, neat visual style and some genuinely spooky moments. Nicely done!



A bit late to the party but oh well.

The game was really cool, the Gameboy-Esque stylization was fucking awesome! The idea of using your middle finger as a way to "exert your will" was absolutely brilliant. The only thing that bugged me (and is my own fault) is that it took so long for me to find the goddamn key for the door that I started going batshit insane. In the end, though, I had fun playing it and that's all that matters, cheers to a great game!



Absolutely awesome!Totally loved the defence mechanism and the whole pixel art style environment!

Best horor game made in 4 days


My Rating: 7.5/10

Is an excellent game, gave several scares in my friend (he could not finish the game kkkkkkj). Sorry for bad English, I'm Brazilian :P

Did a lets play on your game along with some cover art!

Никогда мне ещё не было так весело)))

Made a video of this great game here. :D

10/10 bruh

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