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Hey, found this game while looking for stuff to stream and it grabbed m attention. It's a neat little experience, thank you for making this. Feel free to delete this or tell me if self-promo isn't allowed, but here's the VOd if anyone is interested.


I thought this was Nokia Jam 3301 jam but then I realized it's from 2015 he-he-he


Is there ever going to be a way to play on Analogue Pocket? 


I like GameBoy's style games.



had a go and really enjoyed this one

give 'em the finger! 


this is the most frightening experience i ever had in a game


i shat my pant


"Hold z to express your will"


Awesome! It is really funny that we need to use the middle finger to scare the Monsters xD. Sometimes it was difficult to find the ending because of the graphics, but we still finished the game! Nice one! 

So I'm not one for playing scary games at all; I spook easily, loud noises make me jump, the eerie and constant feeling of dread has never been something exciting or pleasant for me, but I can say without a doubt that this game was a nice way to ease into the genre.

The premise is super simple: find a single key while traversing a cemetery, using notes scattered around as clues to both the story and where the key is, all while attempting to exert your will to stun or defeat enemies. It's a really nice premise that does lend itself to the gameboy style artwork and the extremely easy controls! The best part is that our quirky protagonist flips the bird to assert domin- I mean, exert their will 

This is both a spoiler and the only glitch/issue I could find with the game: if you end up going into the key room with the main ghost girl following you as you enter, she will get stuck and you won't be able to progress. It's really only a big issue the first time you find the key room, but having to reset because of it is mildly annoying

All in all, this game was a nicely wrapped up short horror game that isn't too scary and has really simplistic controls!

My playthrough:

Really enjoyed the environment, the enemies and especially the way to combat them. Humorous and it was pretty cool to explore a graveyard like this, the tank controls worked very well i thought and was worth the time. Thank you for making this! 1st game.

Love the look of this game, surprisingly not as hard to play as it first looked. Would like some more movement options, but honestly the middle finger mechanic already puts it leagues ahead of other games where you can't do anything to stop the monsters
Really cool aesthetic and really smooth once you get the hang of it, loved it a lot

Interesting concept, but VERY hard to maneuver. I liked it for how far I could get... enough to throw it in a 3 Random Scary Games vid. 

3 Random Scary Games #3



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Really cool game! I found the Art Style really unique! Both the sound design and art style created a really spooky atmosphere! I did however find one small issue after obtaining the key, where all the enemies were puppy guarding the entrance to the key room and could not "Exert my Will" to get rid of them and was essentially forced to die. Other then that, it was a really good experience! 8/10

how to point middle finger

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Alt + F4

Very intriguing concept. 


Amazing game, tried playing your game as a kid and never even tried to finish it, i was afraid. Now i have completed it! 

make this game on the game boy pleas

Deleted 1 year ago


Deleted 1 year ago

why not mod the gameboy?


Loved the game, definitely got scared multiple times


Is there any other game that has the same art style as this game

Would you be able to update the mac versions to 64 bit?

Was a very interesting game to play, Loved the ending!

So no instructions but middle finger i found that funny Im like what do I so?!?!

genuinely a epic game





exert your will, more like fuck off ghoul.

Damn this scared the shit outta me.

creepy shit


Can this be flashed onto an actual Gameboy or is this exclusively for the computer?


ah yes the middle finger

just what a horror game needs

I jumped so bad at the first jumpscare that I litterally accidentally closed the game because I hit something that wasn't z. smh

update your game people

Very scary but funny

It's hard, scary, and well made. The resolution, filters are pleasant to the eye! Cool, unique, and I liked the 3D/2D aspect, visuals and the jumpscares.

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Which engine did you used(I mean it's great, so did you use unity with a custom shader or another engine? or did you making it from scratch with c++)

I think he used Unity with the GB Camera for Unity shader

Awesome game, like the idea to use middle finger as a weapon against ghosts)

I will play this game only for the middle finger thing lol

To be honest I've never had so much fun messing around with a game before, THIS WAS FUN!!

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L O V E D this! yall did awesome. I will continue to exert my will whereever I go.

I couldn't open it bcuz it said that it needed to be updated :(

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