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"I don't get what's so dank about this pleasant mountain range."
PC Gamer

You arrive at the base of the mountain, dripping in sweat. The shadow of Dank Mountain looms before you.

What lies at the top of the mountain? Perhaps incredible treasure? Or a truth about yourself? 

To find out, you're going to go higher than you've ever been before...

WASD: Move
Mouse: Look
Space / Right Click: Run / Climb
Left Click: Jump

Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Look
Left Trigger: Run / Climb
A: Jump

Created (mostly) during an 8 hour game jam at Stugan 2018 by these cool folks:
Chris @lunoland (lunomusic)
Adam @adamgryu

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
Tagshiking, Mountains, secrets, Walking simulator


DankMountain_Windows.zip 24 MB
DankMountain_Mac.zip 29 MB
DankMountain_Linux.zip 49 MB


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Real best secret is when you walk the other direction of the beacon (go backwards to make sure it’s opposite you) until you discover that… THE FLAT EARTHERS WERE RIGHT AFTER ALL

Fly away

I can't play the Mac version of this game, I'm given an error saying "The application DankMountainMac.app can't be opened".  I would love to try this out, but only have a Mac to play it on.

Basically this:

You have to go into the package contents in terminal and change file type to executable.

This game is underwhelming. With such great comments, I really expected more. I thought there would be something more fulfilling and grand, but I was met with a glider. The game is good, but not as good as everyone makes it seem. All you can do with the glider is explore the barren landscape until you reach the end. Maybe it's an existential metaphor, but the game isn't great.


SOOOOO SICK when you see the secret  .. you will shit brix

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is the secret just that this game existed?


Man, I found it and i've heard that rian johnson broke his hand by punching a wall because he couldn't make as good a plot twist as this


I played this a while ago. It was cool but I never really went back to it. Then I played A Short Hike and loved it, but it reminded me of this. I guess it only makes sense.


This project was definitely a step towards making A Short Hike!


I love flying :D

really nice game. i thought it just another running simulator but this is not that kind of thing. nothing to fight so just enjoy the music and the view



I'm totally down with the dankness! This was a fun little game

it is very simple.. but after play this game I learn the knowledge of life 😂😂


Gave it a go...


Thanks for playing!


Good game, suitable for quiet play, the scene is very beautiful. 

this was an interesting but surprisingly enjoyable game! 

What secrets await us on Dank Mountain!

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If you add something like in Island Generator it would be a wow game. Even more wow.

hey, this game is only for 64 bits?

A funny, goofy game that I absolutely loved playing.

Well, you certainly got me with the title. I... am not sure what else to say about it. Here's a video anyways.

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Good job indeed. By the way those youtube videos int his comment section look 20 fps and deteriorate your game's worth. You game plays solid smooth in my rig and my rig is a 3 years old one. I do not know how those guys recorded your game but it  does not look smooth in their videos as actual gameplay.

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After we complete the main quest, can we get infinite stamina? 

That's a good idea! Maybe if we release an update in the future :)

I was not expecting that

Nice and relaxing climb. Beautiful art work. I loved it!

The Secret Life Of Danks! I really thought there was no goal as, I started off just walking and, walking went to the edge of the map with the snow turned aroud and, saw the light! I was stuck then and, couldn't get back up haha!

Can you make an option to turn off motion blur?

i know that i will probably sound stupid, but how to i open the game after its been installed

Hi, it depends what platform you're on (Windows, Mac, Linux) but most likely is that you need to unzip the compressed ZIP file. 

Deleted 5 years ago

when i try to run the game it says that DankMountain_FinalData should be next to the executable and im not sure what that means

Awesome Game my potato laptop could run it smoothly on high graphics. art is amazing and looking down from the top was just great I literally spent 15 minutes just looking around doing nothing!!! 

What a lovely looking game. With the relaxing music you don't seem to mind if you can't quite climb a bit here or there. Ran very smoothly and for an eight hour jam it was amazing. Shame someone had to spoil the surprise at the top in the comments below but a really super game. Well done cool guys... :)


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Hi Devs and all you lovely people,

I've not been awake for long and i'm still bleary eyed and on my first coffeee of the day (before work) and I came across this.

Admittedly, at first all I thought to do was just to run around and for the first 3 minutes I was lost/confused/dazed/hungry then I realised you can smash the space bat to climb the mountain and get to the top and once at the top BAM! it's not the end BUT rather 2 suprises waiting for you.

The first one is the hanglider which lets you go flying around the map and admire the landscape and I've got to say, with the music, it was just so relaxing to fly around. You can disembark at any time by hitting the enter key.

The second surprise is the signposts, did anyone else see them? I'm not sure but I first found "Dank Mountain" then "Plank Peak" and wondered how many more signposts are out there and I also found "Sank Crater". They are ticked of as you find them, kinda like acheivements but how many signposts are in their total? Anyone know? no? I'm going to find out today.

Anyway, I did a video and here it is with no commentary and look out for the screensaver I will set going today. I'll will tag the screensaver on this comment but I will find a lovely spot to sit on for a couple of hours just to enjoy the scenery and the fireflies and not forgetting the music.

Could you add a map DEVS?

This made my day.


As ever, all videos are posted to social media.

Hey, thanks so much for playing and secret hunting! I can't remember the exact number of signposts, but there's at least 6 to find. I don't have plans to release any updates right now, since this was an 8-hour game jam game, but if we work on it again I'll consider adding a map!

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In case someone finds this and wonders too: I found eight signposts, and I think there might be ninth. (I know its name by inspecting the game a bit too much, but I was not able to find it in-game.)


I really enjoyed this little exploration game. Bot the music and visuals complemented each other very nicely. I also enjoyed the secret at the top, as it really made the whole thing worth it and allot better. 

This is a very relaxing game. With the mix of the nature and the music, it relieves stress, at least for me. Also, the suprise on top of that mountian made the game even better. 8/8 great game m8.

Wonderful experience. Highly replayable.

Loved the running/jumping/climbing mechanics. It felt very natural. By the time I was halfway up the mountain I was running, jumping, grabbing and climbing in one smooth motion. The secret atop the mountain was well worth the climb, too. Nice work!