A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Welcome to Tomato Town - your one stop shop for all your grocery needs!"

"I'll Take You To Tomato Town" is probably a grocery store simulator. Check items off your list as you scour Tomato Town for the food you need.

Created for the Ludum Dare 40 within three days.

Made by these Toronto pals:


TomatoWindows.zip 20 MB
TomatoTown.app.zip 24 MB
TomatoLinux.zip 25 MB


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amazing! We need more stuff to do in tomato town! please make bigger!

This game was so fun to play!


so weird B-)

awesome game

this game is honestly addiciting

goood game keep working on it!

this game is super awesome! i love the graphics and the stretchy arm. by far one of my favorite games i've found on itch.io

awesome game! funny dialogue :)

Amazing Game One Of My Favs!

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Truly a creative and fun experience!

This colorful adventure features such innovative gameplay as rubber arms, unending menial errands, a wide variety of foods, and voice acting that puts Keith David to shame!

All in all this masterpiece gets a 11/10 would raid a grocery store again. 

Fortnite's history


Such a goofy experience and I loved it! 

great game but can you add an endless mode or new maps? thsdsfhjsad cf ,hnsw

That was an experience. 5/5 tomatoes. ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…

Fun game, better played with a friend for sure...

That was the weirdest and most amazing grocery shopping simulation I ever played, so let me congratulate you on the 6th place in the Ludum Dare 40! I really loved your game: All the animations just looked so goddamn slick and it's such a satisfying feeling to leave behind a total mess. :D Can't even imagine how much work it must have been to work on the dozens of graphics for all the items... Stunning work, seriously. That's why I happily wrote an article about your fantastic game and also created a short gameplay video of it. <3 Thanks for your game, looking forward to your future projects! :)

Best wishes,


Vegetables don't play Dx

This game was awesome to play and really addicting i made a video on it i hope you like it :D.

Psst, that's not the right game

The "Ill take you to tomato town" video shows up about 2:40 in the video lol.

Oh! Then sorry for bothering you




ya how do you download this?

There should be a download button above this comments section - is it not working for you? Maybe it doesn't show up if you're looking on mobile.

This game made my day, it's so funny ~~โ™ก

WHERE IS THE MUSTARD!! | I'll Take You To Tomato Town

this game hilarious! XD i love these types of games! really awesome job on creating this!

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For the part you have to steal stuff: You should add security cameras and if the security camera is on you then the guard comes out and you should make the guard have a gun and if you get shot then you go to jail and have to break out and when you break out you can shop again


What the hell

hi bye


This was absolutely hilarious! I love all the little "sale" signs plastered all over the store! I played this in my Three Random Games series and I really enjoyed it! More levels / areas would be awesome to play! But great job on this one! 



I love speedrunning this game, working hard to get it officially accepted on Speedrun.com!


!! That would be so cool :D


holy crap me too, my records currently 1:28.83

my best has been 1:12 ;) Sadly the game was denied on speedrun.com for whatever reason

aw that sucks. If you have videos of your speedruns I'd love to see them!

my pb right now! 

Awesome! ๐Ÿ‘

VERY FUN. It makes me feel stoned without being stoned. :)

This game ended up being better than I thought it would 

hello! mashup mondays for us is a live steam to  give feed back to developers.    your game is the 4th one we played.

hello! mashup mondays for us is a live steam to  give feed back to developers.    your game is the 4th one we played.

I grabbed peoples butts in this... Not really, but i wish you could, you guys should add that and like a shockled "Ohh" sound from people when you grab their butts... It would be so funny!

Despite how incredibly simple this is, the game is suprisingly fun. Though there is little replay value.

Squiggly arms = 10/10 game.

Worst Game Best Game Ever

I had a good time playing this game :D

I had a lot of fun with this! Sorry I messed up the title of the game at the beginning :P

I don't bring it up in the video, but I loved the attention to detail on some of the products. Gave me an occasional chuckle while I was editing the video!

I don't know why I got confused about the lettuce, either.

how do you play i downloaded the stuff?

You can play it buy downloading a .zip file unpacker, then click extract all. 
after that, search the name of the game on your search apps, and open it. 

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