A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Welcome to Tomato Town - your one stop shop for all your grocery needs!"

"I'll Take You To Tomato Town" is probably a grocery store simulator. Check items off your list as you scour Tomato Town for the food you need.

Created for the Ludum Dare 40 within three days.

Made by these Toronto pals:


TomatoWindows.zip 20 MB
TomatoTown.app.zip 24 MB
TomatoLinux.zip 25 MB


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Went to buy dinner, got called by friends to buy even more, ended up robbing the store blind.

10/10. Would steal again.

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Is this a horror game ?

nah its a silly game

when my arm stretched i burst out laughing


hey this is a good game


i know right

super simple y divertido, me encanto

really great simulator about your friends being horrible 

I'd love to see this game expanded. Maybe multiple players and a larger location. This could be up there with Human fall Flat and others.

As it is... I Loved this game. That was a lot of fun 

i played this game years ago and it still comes to mind sometimes. great game, i love that this goofy story has stuck with me for so long

love the funny physic

really funny and enjoyable game. 10/10 would shoplift again

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its not


This game is good!But I do recommend add something else rather than the same thing(i mean different list to take)

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oh yeah it's a really good game with the parts not abt stuff too i guess


i really like the part about stuff, stuff, really, are a part of me, and i have stuff, like, all around me, and stuff in me, in fact i am made out of stuff, stuff is just an amazing thing and a part of who i am both literally and figuratively, and so, ya know, i just, really like the part about stuff, because stuff have been with me my whole life, so, yeah, that's why i love the part about stuff

good game

i love this game

I have enjoyed playing this game and I did a video on it to celebrate 2 years in the UK going into the national lockdown. (That鈥檚 2 weeks today at the time of writing)

the best game ever!!!!!!!

i loved the vibes!

this game is verry cool馃槑馃槑

can somebody show me how to play on mac??

ich w盲hlesst die mac datummydu

can someone show me a video how to install this on linux


You don't install it, right click on TomatoTownLinux.x86>Properties>Permissions>Allow executing file as program.

The same proccess with .appimages

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it doesn't show the properties stuff it is cause im on a chromebook asus?

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I have no idea about ChromeOS, but i found this

btw, i never heard anyone refer ChromeOs as "Linux". I know it is Gentoo based but still

I saw Kubz Scouts play this a long time ago and was really happy to see it in my recommended! I love this game, it's so fun but I wish there was more. Looking forward to checking out more games by yous, I love this one! ((:



hello, when i attempted to download and open this game it said the developers would need to update it. are you able to update to fix this problem so i can play?

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Had fun playing this game! Pretty cool how you made it in 3 days. I hope you consider adding more to this! I also hope you don't mind that I played it and made a vid! Was fun, make more games please! Also I played it on a vertical screen so I had trouble looking at the recipe list but it worked out in the end!


Had fun playing!

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I want this guy to buy my groceries.

Adam you rule!

Deleted 223 days ago

wha he fuck

i love this game so much :)

This is such a fun game I love IT!!!

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lol so fun

i loved the game

Watch this now

this is game is coo


Really fun game, totally not what I'm like when I go shopping......


The names for the packaged foods were really funny :)

this game is pretty cool THANKS ADAMGRYU VERY COOL

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