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focken awe-so-may ~ -W-~

Awesome game but it really needs a pause/quit button to end the game manually rather than wait for the game to quit.

GOOD GAME 10 ON 10. But where the hell is mustard??

i wish i cold play but it dos not work it gives me a yello screen then i have to restart my compewter to close it.

It's a good game but hard to download on certain computers


good game to have a laugh and challenge yourself


Nice game! Love the sound from the calls


tomato time


yes, but no


Great game great music but the player is a bit too small compared to the NPCS but still a great game!


Come on i did 3 lists of things


great game!


This game was great! Honestly the best part was the voice acting, breaking down laughing when they tell you to steal stuff. Anyways, like everyone else, here is a YT vid.


Perfect game, graphics, models and especially music, gameplay, was amazing. The whole game was fun, charmful, beautiful for three days.  You buy things, then your credit card is at home and the store is closing, so you start stealing things. Music was fantastic, could you please release it fully?

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W pobliżuXD

W po


awesome game!

great game

Omg that was soooo cute and fun to play! 




Anime Hentai watch dem titties


Like :3

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the game didnt let me on so i just uninstalled it.. I REALLY WANTED TO PLAY.. but i dont want a virus.. ill give it ANOTHER shot

It's ok, but im pretty sure that it is indeed safe, its a game on 


You need to remember to extract ALL of the game files from the ZIP

If you did unextract all the files then your computer may not be compatible due to a hardware or software issue

The game IS SAFE

I've played it many times and i have never had my antivirus trip 

Did you play it? always checks for virusses so the game is safe

Its not a virus

What do you play on Do you play on Mac Linux or windows?

I just want to feed my green stretchy body! Gotta feed my kids gotta keep it real! gotta not go broke! Life is hard man...

loved this game,wish it was longer


you should add levels

OMGoodness! this game is so hillarious to me. If u didn't download this, download it now!


thats a good game! :D


Yes It Was Too Fun :D


does this download on phones lol




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it looks like pizza

sorry but how do yo play a game sorry total nob


u need to download it


I love this game but why does it need to have time? its so annoying because i was on the last call where we can rob and it ran out >:(

Because then it wont be fun, it would just go on and on and on.


I love this game so much, the fact that there's a money counter at the end, and all the various quotes make it super replayable. Amazing game!


greatest game ever


One of the best games I've played.


youve gotta download it. fun, wacky and a whole lotta laughs. cheers to the creators.



im dead now.

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Hey :)

Check out my experience! COOL GAME KEEP IT UP !

What a hilarious game. It's short, but wacky and fun!

I played four rounds in a row. Going to play more. Gonna link to a friend so she knows what to expect when we finally move in together and she goes grocery shopping.

I enjoyed playing this funny game! Trying to find the right products with their misleading titles with the powers of Mr. Fantastic and Stretch Armstrong and moving around the bustling crowd. I tried to leave through the doors, but failed to do it. 10 / 10

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