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What an insane trip


Wonderful. As someone with social anxiety I can rarely enjoy the wonders of shopping like this with my unusually long stretchy arms. Thank you for helping me live out my wildest fantasies. 5/5

i love it

only good game

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10/10 would play again


i played it and its awesome

I normally hate tomatoes but this? Naw this was great my characters friend is a prick though I say we get rid of him 


i dont understand this game




Played it and its tons of fun. Seeing if i can make a leaderboard for this on, I can see this being crazy fast.


That would be so cool!

thanks, you can check out my channel for runs here It also got submitted, you can see it here

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Oh so that's awesome!!! Great time :D

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So if you haven't seen the leaderboard in a while. I'd recommend checking it out. 2 people have been going head to head on it and they have god times. Now I'll stop being a pain and posting comments to you lol

I've been checking it every day! It's cool to see how they're whittling down the time and trading 1st place spots!

The yellow one reminds me of lemon grab. Lol. Good job!

Had fun and lost my mind a lil bit.. 

This was an amazing 25 minutes of my life.

I want PBG to play this lol





Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

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it's a game that exists. and is gud? idk but  plz add more things to do

Love this Game Good Job on it


I'm about to murder someone.

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This game is so bizarre but so darn enjoyable though! If only everyone had stretchy arms, shopping wouldn’t take long to do.

I hope there’s a sequel to this such as maybe a mall maybe? I think it would be neat to shop in a mall with a stretchy arm. 

(Btw, this is an old upload and I didn’t post it when I uploaded it because I didn’t have an account then)

how its black

i can't see what i am doing

Welcome to Tomato Town - your one stop shop for all your grocery needs!

Check out more vids here!

I enjoyed it! 

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Can you add a spectator mode pleeeeeease, or just make it so after you exit, get caught, store closes it goes to spectator

This game is absolutely brilliant and hilarious. I hate my family and how they are always giving me a bank card withy no cash on it. God damn kids. Your game is fourth in the video.

I enjoyed it so much that I went for  another round LOL XD


This game is honestly SUPER fun, I downloaded it cause it seemed cute and fun and i didnt look into it at all. NO expectations. Went into the game and IMMEDIATLY had a blast! Its hilarious and fun. Runs super well and is just super great overall.  Love this game and I'm most certainly going to continue playing it <3

make an update where you can swing around everywhere like spiderman

I really enjoyed playing this game and put a video up on our new channel. It was really fun! 

Great game! Played on my channel, and everyone liked it.


I loved this game some much, i had such great fun playing this game and this is definitly a game i would play over and over. Great job!!


     This was really well made in my opinion. You somehow managed to create something I would play over, and over, and over again out of one of the stupidest concepts I can think of. Hats off to you, you all deserve some kind of award. 

I will review this game later, but i will just leave this here. I reuploaded this beatiful soundtrack to my youtube channel just so everybody can hear this. In any case, does anybody know how is the song called? The file is named something like "MUZAC" and a bunch of numbers. That doesn't help in any way but please help me find this musical masterpiece.


This game made a wonderful showcase in my 3 in one video :D 

(2nd game played: 2:29 seconds)

Bloody amazing, loved the game

Ooooooooooohh… Dis is gud

I liked this game a lot, it was short, to the point, didn't need much of directions, keep going my dude. This was the last game I played.

WoW ;)

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(⟃ ͜ʖ ⟄)  .A.R.T.

super fun game you get addicted to!

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