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silliest game ive ever played!!

I loved the Game would liked for it to have maybe multiple

ending like if you get cause or if you leave with a certain amount of n=money either way i love the game 

I loved this game ! You just look like luffy with your arm ! Good game

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I loved this game

Check the video out

hmm, this name kinda sounds like a reference to a fortnite lyric, it cant be jug jug rightttt?



Game can't be opened on MacOS Sonoma (M2 MacBook) 

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cute game love there faces

Deleted post

very cool game👍

Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to do a co-op bundle between this game and my game Physican! Thanks!


Can't play on macOS intel :(


This game is pretty cool, although I lost while trying to look for shredded cheese. Def would play again.

Just released my video of me playing I'll Take You To Tomato Town

Update: This game is so fun. I love it Honestly! I find it to be really funny when the people start to mumble 

I'm downloading the game rn! Updating y'all when I finish the game, I already know It's a Masterpiece


stole 820$ worth of groceries but i dont know where the mustard is


found the mustard

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update 1440$ stolen

Had a lot of fun playing this game 

This Game Is SO FUNNY!

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i was looking for bad games on but i found a F*CKING MASTERPIECE



Dieses Spiel erfüllt meinen Supermarkt meiner Wahl Einkauf komp0lett.

Also irgendwie passt es nicht so ganz zum Ätzende Spiele Format aaabber die Syncron Sprechung wart irgendwie Lustige neh.

Zudem muss ich meinen derzeitigen Zustand beschbreiben ich hatte ein Grüßes Gesicht und JA.

Tolles aberr auch Ätzendes Spiel.

Meine Meinung nach.

Grüße Sterzel

this is good game

this game looks soooo cool but I can't play it?? says it needs to be updated to fit the 64bit graphics for Mac?


Random yet entertaining 

amei esse jogo muito bom

This was great, good vibes, fun jiggle arm launcher machine. 10/10

This game makes me very happy.

So hecking fun!!

please update mac version T_T !!

como que abre o jogo?

why the game don,t doweloding for me

the game is amising

Super fun game:) 



my brain shrunk alot 10/10

This was the best game I ever played 

I love the art style a lot

Love this game! It sounds like the VA's hand fun voicing the calls.
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This is really fun but maybe add jumping and this will be even better LOL

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