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Went to buy dinner, got called by friends to buy even more, ended up robbing the store blind.

10/10. Would steal again.

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Is this a horror game ?

nah its a silly game

when my arm stretched i burst out laughing


hey this is a good game


i know right

super simple y divertido, me encanto

really great simulator about your friends being horrible 

I'd love to see this game expanded. Maybe multiple players and a larger location. This could be up there with Human fall Flat and others.

As it is... I Loved this game. That was a lot of fun 

i played this game years ago and it still comes to mind sometimes. great game, i love that this goofy story has stuck with me for so long

love the funny physic

really funny and enjoyable game. 10/10 would shoplift again

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its not


This game is good!But I do recommend add something else rather than the same thing(i mean different list to take)

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oh yeah it's a really good game with the parts not abt stuff too i guess


i really like the part about stuff, stuff, really, are a part of me, and i have stuff, like, all around me, and stuff in me, in fact i am made out of stuff, stuff is just an amazing thing and a part of who i am both literally and figuratively, and so, ya know, i just, really like the part about stuff, because stuff have been with me my whole life, so, yeah, that's why i love the part about stuff

good game

i love this game

I have enjoyed playing this game and I did a video on it to celebrate 2 years in the UK going into the national lockdown. (That’s 2 weeks today at the time of writing)

the best game ever!!!!!!!

i loved the vibes!

this game is verry cool😎😎

can somebody show me how to play on mac??

ich wählesst die mac datummydu

can someone show me a video how to install this on linux


You don't install it, right click on TomatoTownLinux.x86>Properties>Permissions>Allow executing file as program.

The same proccess with .appimages

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it doesn't show the properties stuff it is cause im on a chromebook asus?

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I have no idea about ChromeOS, but i found this

btw, i never heard anyone refer ChromeOs as "Linux". I know it is Gentoo based but still

I saw Kubz Scouts play this a long time ago and was really happy to see it in my recommended! I love this game, it's so fun but I wish there was more. Looking forward to checking out more games by yous, I love this one! ((:



hello, when i attempted to download and open this game it said the developers would need to update it. are you able to update to fix this problem so i can play?

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Had fun playing this game! Pretty cool how you made it in 3 days. I hope you consider adding more to this! I also hope you don't mind that I played it and made a vid! Was fun, make more games please! Also I played it on a vertical screen so I had trouble looking at the recipe list but it worked out in the end!


Had fun playing!

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I want this guy to buy my groceries.

Adam you rule!

Deleted 223 days ago

wha he fuck

i love this game so much :)

This is such a fun game I love IT!!!

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lol so fun

i loved the game

Watch this now

this is game is coo


Really fun game, totally not what I'm like when I go shopping......


The names for the packaged foods were really funny :)

this game is pretty cool THANKS ADAMGRYU VERY COOL

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