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game is awesome lol i just need to get better at it

Game was SUPER exciting! 

Best Unity game by far. Love it! Please make a sequel! 

it did't let me play D: i'm upset with this game :(

maybe you put very high graphics


One of my favourites on! I wish there will be a steam port or smth

loved it! fun game :)


a very good game


Super fun game, I like the part where I'm broke. Very realistic 


very fun game with physics good job


i  its funnnnn.


when downloaded in mac, it wont run for some reason


you need to do some things to the file, too hard to explain. follow this tutorial: 

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i would love an expansion on this game i keep coming back to it!
Its so charming and makes me happy




i'm the worlds greatest personal shopper. 

Very Cool Expirement keep up the good work 

it was very fun but uhh i am stuck in the game i don't know how to close the game 

alt plus F4

thanks it worked :)

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this looks like complete and utter idk i didnt play the gam

edit: it was fun

This was a fun little game


it says the creator needs to update it to work with mac-


nice game!

Put a smile on my face!!

that ending  was     uh

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Y'all mustve had a blast making this game and it shows. Such a fun experience to share with my schizo pal from Syberia.


bruh, its literraly Диксёрочка, but in english and upgraded.

Here's a link of Диксёрочка:

Bro, that was really gud. 10/10


This game was hilarious and really fun to play! 10/10 :D

Incredibly fun game

Really fun!

This game was cute, had good humor and was ridiculously fun. I loved the colors and design as well. :)

cute. funny

this was such a fun little game. i got jump scared at the end lol 

Good game

i love the game 


the baset game 


The mac os version says it needs to be updated and i don't know how to fix it

love it :)

Wow, this is just like when I go to the grocery store.

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