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Ooooooooooohh… Dis is gud

I liked this game a lot, it was short, to the point, didn't need much of directions, keep going my dude. This was the last game I played.

WoW ;)

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(⟃ ͜ʖ ⟄)  .A.R.T.

super fun game you get addicted to!

This was a pretty fun little game! It's the only times where grocery shopping was entertaining!

Dear Adamgryu thanks so much for this game. love every moment of it XD 

no matter how many times i try, i cannot get in the game.


literally amazing. the calls for shopping/shoplifting sound so genuine and i love the laughter after "could u just like... leave and not pay?" 

amazing game probs best of this year 

reccomended from my friend Virginia so shout out to you big gurl youre Le Best 

also yeah love the team who made this 5 minute craft its amazing and it made my day

final comment: i love the police officers one liner, "Hey, hhaduehiuhghhh!"

-bowen s

i couldn't agree more LOL XD


some guy on Steam stole your game and slightly reworked an asset or two. and is selling it.

These games have completely different controls, color schemes, game mechanics and you know one has player models and the other is just a shopping cart, but no yeah its for sure stolen despite the fact that the only commonality is the setting and that they are simulators. If you actually play both you will see that "slightly reworked asset or two" would not create the vast differences each game has from one another

Such a fun game, I had a blast playing it!!

This game was so much fun! :)


This was loads of fun!

We loved playing this game, WARNING though, we do swear as the pressure was so high, also, probably because we're Australian


its good hey and i stole 1020 is that good ?

ha fun


the homeland approves.

And requests a sequel.



like the video if you think this need a sequel

Have a nice day 


Absolutely LOVED this game! It's super fun and i got a Lot of laughs out of this!

Keep up the good work!

this game is so funny, i loved it : )


I literally made an account for this game. I love this. Its so simple, but I have so much fun playing it. Almost everything about this works. The voices show that it was just fun to make. I could see this being really big. I could see this having some ridiculous levels like a town or a museum or something like that. If this was bigger, and had a price on it, i'd be more than happy to pay. But, for what it is, its amazing.

Thanks so much for playing :)


Really cute and fun game! Short, but the concept is great and the physics add a very nice element to it

Great Game Let Me Know When You Make More Would Love To Play Em All


this game is so much fun omg watch my friends and i play it

pretty hard game but good!

C R E D I T C A R D is gud

love it so much!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Nice game, it really scratches the grocery shopping itch...


Dude It's only 20 MB! And Its one of the best games i ever played!


Had fun playing this! Loved it!

Loved basically everything about this! 


A quality shopping experience, thank you.

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I had a lot of fun playing your game

Here is a link to my channel :

 here is the video :

Me trying to record this game be like



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