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Such an awesome game

Some real throwback style gaming hahaha, glad you made this for the GBJAM :)


I´ve reached 90.000 socore in this game. How is the record ? Thanks.The screen capture.


Better than mine lmao, GG

Yeah bro can you upload to your channel and comment one of my video ? I record it. Fully.


Like upload your 90k footage and commentate over it?

yes plz can you

Yeah, sure, don't see why not lel. Email me at


For some reason I can never vocalize how much I love games when I record them. But I swear to you this was an amazing arcade style game to play! Even if I wasn't good at it.


I really liked the lighting, it makes it so much better, I was always on edge. Great game

as I start the game?


Well this game was nuts. I think I broke it lol

Nice! Thanks for playing. That's a bug at the end, if it isn't clear haha
Sorry I left you stranded in space

F**king amazing!!!

So... while playing it I kinda broke it, at one point I started falling into the black void and couldn't stop. Didn't die, just kept getting points.


General Relativity never predicted the floating space eyes. Take that Einstein!

This is great work, so much fun and quite the trip! Thank you



Awesome little game! :D Adam Gryu makes the best "Hand FPS's" out there!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Bwaha nice! Loved it!

An amazing high score of 662309

As far as i know this is the highest score

O_O Amazing!

This was fun to play. Love the visuals and smooth gameplay. All around fun =)


Interesting Game.

Great runner. The gravity mechanic is cool.

I think I beat it, though. I seem to have fallen out of the universe and now I've just got a blank screen and a constantly increasing points counter.

Exact thing happened to me. Funny how it feels like winning--I definitely threw my arms up in victory.

I'm not dealing with that!

An amazing game with amazing physics


n i c e g a m e

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