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this looks really cool but the mac version needs to be updated to play

wow looks great

the game needs to be update the Mac version please 


i'm upset theres no version for linux:(

Ok this is actually really good, scared me and my friend. I loved the art style and think it added to the spook,in all I rate 10 middle fingers out of 10

epic, in a word.


Amazing art-concept, but i didn`t get the gameplay

I like the style of the game, cool & scary 👍👍👍



Awesome game! 10/10 would recommend

Your game really got us jumping from our seats haha. We had a lot of fun but it was a little frustrating as every time we failed we had to start from the very beginning. But all in all, great game and the scares got us good!

Gameplay starts at 9:02

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I really liked your game! I don't know if I was just being unlucky but those things really didn't want me to read that one note I needed to progress. xD
Here's the video from my playthrough if you feel like checking it out. :)

This game has to be one of my favorites, I was just searching the internet randomly for creepy old style horror games, and I bumped into this. Absolute bomb, a few things made me go into a shocked state (I don't think any other game has done this to me at all), but overall I think this is pretty scary on its own. Things are constantly after you that's all I'll say.

(-1)  check out my little horror game if ya have 10 minutes spare shes a weird one hah


markiplier played this

Really liked this game, beautiful art and scary af.

My girlfriend is going through it next >:)

Fuckin spooky


could anybody help me ?

when i go to bot the game i can hear sound but i cant see anything its blank. 

PS. thank you for your help!

I haven't actually jumped from a jump-scare in a long time! You got me. I bailed on this game to try another because I failed to figure out the schtick, but now that I've watched the beginning of BerryDeaf's video I'll give it another go.

You can do it! Go for it! A quick tip: Be sure to read all the notes, one gives a clue on how to progress.

I like the concept BUT I did get stuck and couldn't find my way around the place, so there was a lack of progression which was fustrating!

Can you update this pls? it isnt playable on mac anynmore :(

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-Made a Video. (Year Ago)

i got scared. also, how did you make unity run in gba?! :)

Can you make this 64 Bit for MacOS?


+1! Would love to play it but Catalina doesn't allow me to :(

Although the distro for Mojave doesn't show up in the App Store you can still get it by using this direct link:

from there you can search YouTube for tutorials on how to partition a space on your drive to boot to Mojave. You switch back and forth by holding "ALT" during boot-up.

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this game is so scary

good game

Hey Shane.Z this is a message from Shane Lefler Your game here fucking scared me i left the game i am frighted easly but i have not been this level of scared this is a master peace good day Shane.Z

I love how you just made a game that you can show your anger to the ghost...literally. A bit too intense for me tho


Loved it. 3 days is impressive.

Thank you for this video! I would have gotten frustrated with the game if I hadn't seen you figure out how to run away. I'd been wondering why I couldn't pick anything up, but now I see that's on purpose.

Ah glad to be of help! It took me a few tries to figure out the game as well.


I can't play the game.

It's not a technical problem, it's just that it gets so tense that I chicken out.

damn was this game is fun

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i had no idea what i was doing lol, starts @ 18:40

My god it is scary, but I love it.

It's hard, scary, and well made. The resolution, filters are pleasant to the eye!

Yeah silly jumpscares! This game scared to death! The grahpics are cool though keep up the good work.


boo you got spooked


Thanks for the game! I really liked the concept and the style but did find it a bit too hard to navigate at the end so I gave up before finding the key. Amazing work for 4 days though! 


is my first jump scare and i... so scare

tbh the first jump scare made me feel like my soul left my body

Very cool game. The graphics are very simple but they go along way. The monster is scary even with the silly way you deal with them.

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