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This game is awesome! Still trying to open that door! The nostalgia of the gameboy graphics made me want to record a video, this game scared me good!

I really, honestly love this game. Fantastic concept. Love the artwork as well. And the middle finger feature is ah-mazing. 11/10

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I actually really enjoyed this game, i think it really stands out from the crowed with a mixture of Pixel horror and comedy (flipping the bird) Great Game, defiantly check it out!

My Playthrough:


This was amazing. I wasn't able to find the exit but I had a blast with what I played. These "retro" games sometimes, are the best! You sacrifice graphics and gameplay for ingenuity and I think it works so well. I hope this game gets out there for everyone to see, it deserves it!

The Night that Speaks: Bow to my finger!

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It was a great original concept, I really enjoyed it. I actually made a video for it as well, check it out! I look forward to any other games you may make in the future!


I'm horrible at playing games like this, I didn't even make it to 5 minutes of gameplay..

Nevertheless, I really like the art style and feel that the game has, good job!


I love the camera effects on this, it makes the atmosphere creepy as hell. Good job :)

how is this game made


i cried


Awesome horror game, somewhat original concept with good gameplay.

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