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VERY FUN. It makes me feel stoned without being stoned. :)

This game ended up being better than I thought it would 

hello! mashup mondays for us is a live steam to  give feed back to developers.    your game is the 4th one we played.

hello! mashup mondays for us is a live steam to  give feed back to developers.    your game is the 4th one we played.

I grabbed peoples butts in this... Not really, but i wish you could, you guys should add that and like a shockled "Ohh" sound from people when you grab their butts... It would be so funny!

Despite how incredibly simple this is, the game is suprisingly fun. Though there is little replay value.

Squiggly arms = 10/10 game.

Worst Game Best Game Ever

I had a good time playing this game :D

I had a lot of fun with this! Sorry I messed up the title of the game at the beginning :P

I don't bring it up in the video, but I loved the attention to detail on some of the products. Gave me an occasional chuckle while I was editing the video!

I don't know why I got confused about the lettuce, either.

how do you play i downloaded the stuff?

You can play it buy downloading a .zip file unpacker, then click extract all. 
after that, search the name of the game on your search apps, and open it. 

Hey just thought you should know, for some reason the game icon is "We Were here" not sure why but I thought I'd give you a heads up

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Really funny game if you need to spend some time :D


Surprisingly very fun game. Me and my friend had a blast playing it. 

Hello, dear developer! <3 I have a very important question: what GAME ENGINE did you use??

The Unity engine :)

The perfect little goofy arcade game. It had a super easy going feel to it and I love how it made fun of the little things that we put up with in grocery stores. Thanks for making this!


Simply exquisite. An incredibly accurate (and at times moving) rendition of a trip to the shops involving a really quite excellently written twist of betrayal.

I mean... fabulous, insane, crazy stuff. Laughed a tonne and had a great time playing! Keep up the awesome work =)



make it where me dont have to down

load it

Fantastic game. The best part is seeing my friends' faces when they watch me play this.

Very cool game!  this was fun to play best grocery simulator game I have ever played! :D 

This is a pretty fun and short game to play. Sure, it took me a few tries to complete it, but overall funny! Footage may be a little laggy, but it gets better later. Here's my playthrough.


This game is exactly why I love It's fun, Indie and makes you feel good after a short game. Great work team. 

You could even call this a "Kissing Simulator" if you liked. (see my video for details) LOL

I had a lot of fun making this ;)

thanks for playing! :)

This is the type of indie game I get excited for when I see! It's a ridiculous concept that just works too well :D

funny little game

Hi, if it isn't too much to ask, how did you create the models and animations for this game? They look so clean and rounded, and I am curious as to how you achieve this effect. I am inexperienced with this type of thing, and would greatly appreciate some pointers.

I think the answer for the how the models look "so clean and rounded" is mainly that we used Toon shaders and Unlit shaders. They make the shading simple and give the scene that sharpness. For the animations, the arm animation is custom programmed physics and the other animations are not too detailed (for the NPC's) but more exaggerated in rotation and movement for our style. Hope this helps in some way! 

Thank you so much. I am trying to get into coding and making stuff but its really daunting, and there isn't a lot of documentation on the stuff I want to make. It really helps that you took the time to answer my noob question.

No problem! Keep at it! 

Found true meaning

Tomato Town has awesome mechanics/aesthetic. Thoroughly entertaining with a good sense of humor

Had a lot of fun with this one! Made me laugh a ton! A bit short, but still fun overall! :D 


amazing mechanics

Really fun game! Loved the quests and dialog!

I did a thing. lol
Lots of fun.
Lots of screaming.

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3D TV VR box google cardboard side by side sbs stereoscopic 3d

I liked this a lot! Very funny and cute!! loved the voice acting

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