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I played this game for my channel, this game is 10/10 in my opinion. It looks and is great.

how do you play


Hey! played your game for my channel 



Pizza is good

very cool


Such an awesome game! Everything about wasn't what I was expecting! I am also glad my trashy computer can even run this game! WOW! It's weird, but weird in a good way. especially after getting all the groceries you need ^~^ I would like to see more games just like this one! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!



pineapp- I mean tomatoes


it should have a download for chrome

Ok that was a good game. I had fun xD


me and my community loved it :) 


I had a great time playing this and can't believe it was put together in three days! My favourite item was the Heckin Chips. Here's my game play, I managed to get away with $1000 in loot!


This was certainly a strange game in concept, but that did not stop me from having a really fun time playing it! The flubber hand grabbing everything and the funny labels on all the products for some reason just worked for me. If you want to play something different with lots of jokes and silliness hidden throughout you should try this game. If you want to see me try and fail a few times you can watch my letsplay below. 


loved the game XD

This is the silliest game I've ever played, I love this game


Good game

I enjoyed it


Thanx for made this aweasome game, but is there will be  an update?

I really love this game

if you want to watch :

Plz make more place's and item's

i knock down everything in the store to find it

I liked this game!







Beautiful.. just, beautiful 


What an insane trip


Wonderful. As someone with social anxiety I can rarely enjoy the wonders of shopping like this with my unusually long stretchy arms. Thank you for helping me live out my wildest fantasies. 5/5

i love it

only good game

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10/10 would play again


i played it and its awesome


I normally hate tomatoes but this? Naw this was great my characters friend is a prick though I say we get rid of him 


i dont understand this game





Played it and its tons of fun. Seeing if i can make a leaderboard for this on, I can see this being crazy fast.


That would be so cool!

thanks, you can check out my channel for runs here It also got submitted, you can see it here

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Oh so that's awesome!!! Great time :D

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So if you haven't seen the leaderboard in a while. I'd recommend checking it out. 2 people have been going head to head on it and they have god times. Now I'll stop being a pain and posting comments to you lol

I've been checking it every day! It's cool to see how they're whittling down the time and trading 1st place spots!

The yellow one reminds me of lemon grab. Lol. Good job!

Had fun and lost my mind a lil bit.. 

This was an amazing 25 minutes of my life.

I want PBG to play this lol





Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

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