Version 1.8 - The Boating Update is out NOW on PC and Nintendo Switch!

The question has divided enthusiasts for decades: Is boating a form of hiking?
Well, regardless of where you stand on the subject - you can now take a detour to cruise the waters yourself in A Short Hike!

To celebrate the Switch release of the game, I'm releasing a small free content update to all current platforms!

Just drop by the local rental shop and the boat can be yours for the whole afternoon! Speed around the waters of Hawk Peak Provincial Park with style in this totally adequate 2003 aluminium motorboat!

Thanks for playing, and take care!
- Adam

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Thanks! This game is a real inspiration to me especially combined with your GDC talk, thanks for all the great content, thoughts and inspiration! 


My 6 year-old daughter's favorite game on NSW. She always ask me to buy de Short Hoke 2. :)))))
So, more update please!


Really nice, I love this game. The mood is so nice with music and design. I put the best graphics parameters and I find that really beautiful.

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It was on Epic a while back. 

yeah i know


If I got the game on, am I able to update it to get the boat and other new content? And will I be able to do so without resetting my save file?


Yes you will and you don't need to restart the game.

how do i get the update :( is it supossed to be automatic?


If you downloaded through Itch client, press download on the left down corner to check if there is any update available.

Or you open the game page on the client (not a web browser), select the gear on the right down corner, select Manage on the current version installed and check for update.


Thank you so much :)


wait where do i get the boat i cant find it

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It is on the left of the beach stick ball court. If you go left and follow the shore , you'll come across a new bridge that looks like a pier, and it leads to some islands. The islands are the Orange Islands, where you can pick up an awesome boat!

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It's great fun, your collision with the fishing boat is a little wonky though.

The man who buys your fish casually sat through the carnage whilst my son sank his boat :-D


It can also be used to clip through the whole mountain, lol


I love this game


seconded, this game is my happy place




Mmmm... nice BOAT.

Park ranger: Nooo my boat!